Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society


Are you a horse enthusiast?  Would you like to help horses, donkeys and mules find loving, forever homes?  Consider volunteering with Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society!  We need your help to help the equines who come to us.

There are many ways to help - some are hands-on and require horse experience while others give you the chance to learn about horses while helping out.  We do require that all volunteers first become members - so please consider joining today.


Foster homes are the heart of the organization.  They open their homes and their hearts to house needy equines.  Some foster homes help rehabilitate starved equines while others work with equines who have training problems.  Foster homes show their equines off to prospective adopters - and when their foster horse is adopted, they open their hearts for another.


If you have a truck and trailer and like to drive - we can put you to work!  Our horses need rides from their donors to foster homes and from their foster homes to vets, trainers, events and other foster homes.  Sometimes, we also need help picking up seized or abandoned horses and taking them to a foster home who will hold them during their court case.

Become a Neglect or Abuse Investigator

These members inspect reports of neglect and abuse.  All potential investigators may be required to take and pass a neglect/abuse investigators class.

Help with Fundraising

BEHS runs off of donations and money brought in at fundraisers - so we are always looking for new members who can help with fundraising.  We need new ideas, people to organize fundraisers and people to volunteer at fundraisers.  By fundraising, you enable us to bring in and help more equines. For more information, email Jennifer.

Become an Inspector

Inspectors help check out potential adoptive or foster homes. They also help us check up on horses in foster homes and those who have been adopted. BEHS provides a form for volunteer inspectors to fill out and a list of required photos. This is a job even a non-horseperson can do. And it gives you a chance to meet some of the BEHS horses!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have another skill you would like to put to work?  We would love to put you to work helping the horses and other equines of BEHS!

For more information on any volunteer opportunities, contact us.